How to Make Good and Right Poetry

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How to Make Good and Right Poetry

Squad, have you ever made poetry? Of course you have, right? Whether it’s a school assignment or just your hobby. After knowing the meaning and the building elements of poetry, we will now discuss how to make poetry. Perhaps many people think that it seems to make poetry easy, but in fact there is much to consider so that the poem itself is interesting when read and easily understood by the reader. Then, how to make good and right poetry? Let’s learn.

How to Make Good and Right Poetry

1. Define the Theme and Title

First, choose a theme that we want as a reference in making poetry so that our poetry is more interesting. There are so many poetry themes. So, as much as possible choose a theme that is really interesting. After determining the theme, the next step is to determine the title that races on the theme. For example, we determine the theme, which is loyalty.

2. Determine Keywords

After determining the theme, the next steps to writing a poem are to determine the key words and then develop the words. If you have found a theme, such as loyalty, then the next is to find keywords related to the eternity. If it is deemed sufficient to start making poetry, then you just have to develop it in a sentence or array of poetry. For example one keyword is used for one array. Or it could be, one keyword and then developed into one stanza.

3. Using Language Style

The next step in writing poetry is to use language style. One of them is for example majas comparison or metaphorical for example.

4. Develop poetry as beautiful as possible

Next is to develop all the steps above into a beautiful poem. Arrange words, lines of poetry into stanzas. Develop into a poem that is whole and meaningful. You must remember that poetry is not an article. The writing you make for poetry must be concise, concise, and beautiful at the same time. Choose the appropriate words that represent the element of beauty as well as solid meaning.

Remember three things related to words and lines in writing poetry, namely:

  • A word is a set of rhythmic or beautiful sounds or tunes
  • The meaning of the word can cause many interpretations
  • Contains deep imagination about the thing being discussed

Now, after following the steps to make the poem, the following poem can be produced as an example.

One Day Later

My body will not be there anymore
But in the verses of this poem
You won’t let me go alone

My voice is no longer heard
But between these rhymes
You will remain enthusiastic

My dream is not known anymore
But in between these poems
You won’t be tired looking for it

Work: Sapardi Djoko Damono

Problems example

1. (2015 National Examination)

Steps for Making Poetry

  1. Determine the style of poetry
  2. ………………………………….
  3. Imagine the atmosphere
  4. Use language style
  5. Develop poetry as beautiful as possible
  6. Writing poetry

The right step to fill the dots in number 2 is ….

  1. Determine the theme and title
  2. Make poetry
  3. Make a skeleton
  4. Arrange rhymes
  5. Determine the tone

Answer: 1


Steps for Making Poetry:

  1. Determine the style of poetry
  2. Determine the theme and title of the poem
  3. Imagine the atmosphere
  4. Use language style
  5. Develop poetry as beautiful as possible
  6. Writing poetry

After determining the style of poetry to be made, the next step is to determine the theme and title. Therefore, the right answer is A.

2. Problem 2

Read the following poem quote.


Months of struggling

Ruined the whole city

At that time you pensive

At ten o’clock the smoke rose

Ash rolled around

My brother came and was welcomed rolled

Finally mourning the whole village

The theme of the poem is …

  1. Mount Sinabung eruption
  2. Victims of the Sinabung eruption
  3. Abu Sinabung closed the village
  4. The destruction of Sinabung village
  5. Sinabung Smoke

Answer: 1

Discussion: The poem is titled Sinabung and describes the atmosphere of Mount Sinabung that was about to erupt. So, the right choice for the theme of the poem is the eruption of Mount Sinabung.

Now you already know Squad how to make a poem that is beautiful and easy to read. Want to learn more complete and exciting poetry? Come on, subscribe to the study room. You can learn through animated videos, practice questions, and summaries in the form of #BelajarJadiMudah infographic.

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