This is the cause of your smartphone battery runs out quickly!

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This is the cause of your smartphone battery runs out quickly-Lookbeautifuls

Although it comes with a myriad of features and intelligence, until now the smartphone has one drawback that is considered large enough for large users. The battery runs out quickly, this problem has long been a problem of smart phones.

Although much has been done by smartphone vendors, the solution presented is still not in accordance with user expectations. But what exactly causes smartphone batteries to run out quickly? Here are some causes of smartphone batteries run out quickly.

These are the 5 Causes of Your Smartphone Battery Fast Discharged!

1. The Higher Specifications, The More Power Needed

Actually this can not be beaten just like that. To be more general, one of the higher specifications does exist in the larger one, specifically when talking about screen specifications.

The processor can also be one of the causes of wasteful batteries, first if this processor has a higher core speed is not accompanied by a higher number of cores. A higher core number does not guarantee faster performance, but this really depends on the compatibility of the processor in carrying out the tasks (tasks).

2. Too Many Applications That Use Push Notifications

No doubt, push notifications make it very easy for users to get real time notifications as well as receive several other benefits. However, to run this feature, the application will run several tasks in the background. If there are many applications that are running some tasks on the background side, more resources are needed, which of course is better on battery consumption. Well, because one of the causes of smartphone batteries runs out quickly.

3. Too Often MultiTasting

after the third one is too often multitasking. Multitasking is now easier to do. Even lower-middle-class smartphones have also been equipped with a large enough RAM capacity, which incidentally is the key to smooth performance multimedia. However, if you do too many multitasking or run many applications at the same time, of course a smartphone will require a lot of resources.

How to overcome smartphone batteries run out quickly because of too often multitasking is to replace applications that are not used anymore. If multitasking is no longer needed, clear your multitasking tray from all running applications.

4. Bad Signal

Unlike the causes of smartphone batteries running out quickly before, the cause of this one is indeed quite difficult to detect. But one thing is certain, bad signals can indeed affect battery consumption. Although not all smartphones have the same interface, in the design of smartphone devices that are designed to find the closest transmitter that receives the best signal. This process of finding the best signal will challenge smartphone fans to work harder focusing on more battery consumption.

If you live in an area that is difficult to receive signals, succeeding is necessary. However, to minimize battery usage, you can temporarily turn on airplane mode and restore it when it is in a better place.

5. The Condition of an Old Battery

Each component in a smartphone actually has its own age limit. If the age limit is exceeded, we can be sure that problems will begin to emerge. Similarly, the smartphone battery. If it reaches its age limit, the smartphone battery will become more wasteful. The required capacity also decreases, earlier than when it was still in new condition.

Now that’s 5 causes the battery runs out quickly.

Hopefully by knowing the cause, you can overcome the smartphone battery that runs out quickly. If you have other experiences related to smartphone batteries that run out quickly, don’t forget to share the comment column, ok?

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